Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confusion in Libya

Mar. 27 and 29, and Apr. 4, 2011

National Journal reporter Megan Scully and Reuter's Missy Ryan were two of Libby Casey's guests on Washington Journal on Mar. 25, 2011. All three are experienced journalists. Scully and Ryan discussed the current situation in Libya, especially America's role and fielded questions from callers.

Scully's and Ryan's deep understanding of the administration's positions and criticism of the same came through, loud and clear. Ms. Ryan described the Obama Administration's strategy: "We would ... prefer to ... shrink into the shadows and continue to play this logistics and support role as we're going to have to do but not have it be an American face." (By the way, why did she say "we" and not "they?" Does Ms. Ryan serve the Obama administration? It would seem so!) She also described the Obama Doctrine as a "more authentic, international, military effort involving sanctioned backing from multi-lateral organizations like the U.N. ... in contrast to what happened in Iraq." In truth, there is no Obama Doctrine, and no clear foreign policy, either. This president merely distorts the Bush Doctrine, which supports pre-emptive strikes around the world.

Recall the stance of President Bush's critics, who to this day paint him a unilateral leader, even though he built a large coalition (of 30 nations) and obtained a vote of confidence from the U.S. Congress and the U.N. - before invading Iraq. It is not clear to me why some say the war in Libya is considered more authentic than the war in Iraq by Obama administration supporters. According to many, a war is a war is a war. Remember? In 2003, that was the flavor of the rhetoric we heard.

It seems the president's better-late-than-never, flip-flop decision to support a twisted version of the Bush Doctrine, can be spurred into action by the words of any dictator. Muammar Gaddafi vowed there would be "no mercy" on the rebels and spoke about cleansing the city of Benghazi. I agree, that's pretty awful stuff, but in a time of great financial debt, and when many have complained for years that Iraq and Afghanistan were two more wars than we could ever bear, we rush off to a third war based on a mere threat? Saddam Hussein was gassing his own people, for God's sake! By the way, long gone are the chants of "war monger" and calls for war crime trials for presidents and vice presidents... Where are the complaints we heard when President Bush was in office - that the current president never served in the military, and that we are in this for the oil? Now that the Democrats occupy the White House, we hear a completely different story. Interesting, isn't it?


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