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More Liberal Gaffs

Mar. and Apr., 2011

The mainstream media (MSM), which is defined as a left-leaning conglomerate of older news organizations, tends to imply that America and its capitalist system are failing. Watch, and you'll see it. Time Magazine featured two articles on the subject in their March 14, 2011 edition. The first, written by Fareed Zacharia, Yes, America is in Decline, was featured on the cover, complete with a finger - pointing down, a sign of pessimism. If you turn the magazine upside down, it's easy to see there's another featured cover story, No, America is Still #1, by David Von Drehle. The finger only points upward, showing optimism, when the magazine is turned on its head.

Zacharia hosts a show on CNN called GPS, the Global Public Square, which gleefully highlights the strengths of foreign countries and points out where and how the U.S. has failed. But, Zacharia insists he's not really being negative. His story is that America has placed itself in a position which makes it unable to lead the rest of the world. Other nations are on the rise, that's all it is. Yet, I watch with a skeptical eye, and wonder if there's an agenda behind all the claimed innocence.

The MSM's favorite pastime is suggesting there are wedges splitting the Republican Party apart. The Tea Party is just the latest wedge. Witness MSM reporters calling the Tea Party extreme. One example would be, "Senator, don't you think the Tea Party has caused the Republican Party to splinter?" I can think of a million of these because they're so common. And, this just happens to be a talking point of the Democratic Party. How do we know? Reporters overheard Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) telling Democrats on a conference call in late March, 2011 that he uses the word "extreme," because it's what "the caucus instructed me to do the other week." Schumer said, "The American people are seeing the Tea Party for what it is - extreme." The next time someone says the MSM is slanted right, remember this true story, and tell 'em, "It's just not true."

Try to recall the last time you heard an MSM interviewer say, "Oh, come on!" to a Democrat... Didn't think you could. From CNN's own transcript: The following is from Candy Crowley's interview with Donald Rumsfeld Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011:

CROWLEY: ... the Republican Party ... you've watched it go through a number of iterations. What do you think of this one with the Tea Party influence and the conservatives?

RUMSFELD: Fascinating. I find it...

CROWLEY: Oh, come on.

RUMSFELD: I find it very interesting...

So do I.


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