Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scan Me, Bro

Written : Nov. 23, 2010

Imagine this scenario. A Mexican, after a long walk through treacherous terrain, tries to get into the U.S. He is stopped at the border and his body is scanned for contraband. Next he is patted-down rather briskly by a male U.S. border guard. They find nothing. He is given forms and is urged to apply for citizenship. Then he is fingerprinted and is free to follow his American dream.

Back in Phoenix, a suspect is caught after a fifty-mile car chase. He is tackled immediately after fleeing his vehicle. The man is frisked and two weapons are removed from his pockets. He’s arrested and is headed to jail.

At the airport, you are going through security. The airline knows you are a U.S. citizen, and have been employed by your company for several years. You are not connected to any terrorist groups. Your carry-on gets scanned, but you are exempt. So, which of these situations require pat downs? Yes, you’re right, the first two. You do not need to be scanned or patted down because the Transportation Security Administration (the TSA) did a little homework. Imagine that.

What if it didn’t work that way? Which method would I prefer? If I didn’t travel often, I’d prefer the body scan. Who cares if someone sees this ugly body? If I traveled often I’d worry about radiation, but I don’t. All the worry and the protests occurring today associated with invasive touching in the name of security could be avoided if the TSA would peer into who is flying. But they won’t.

The Israelis know who their passengers are and scrutinize their terminals intently. El Al Airlines is known as the world’s most secure airline. Their passengers are all interviewed and are asked to report to the airport three hours early. The TSA would rather suspect you of terrorism than following the fine example set by the Israelis. I wonder why, don’t you?

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1 comment:

Jack said...

I understand that you're frightened of brown people, that's part of being a conservative.

I understand you're willing to give up your constitutional rights for some vague sense of safety against an ephemeral foe who's not actually very good at hitting their targets, because as a republican, you're happy to do what the government tells you.

But why, as a conservative, would you want to destroy the domestic airline industry with demands for a 3 hour check-in? You do understand that Israel has a pretty non-existent domestic airline industry, every flight is International in an area where its impossible to travel by land, and that a situation where say, it is quicker to drive from say Denver to Albuquerque than take a plane would simply kill our domestic carriers, so be a good conservative and think of the needs of wealthy shareholders of our airlines.