Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Party of No

Written : Nov. 7 and 9, 2010

You’ve probably heard Democrats say, “The Republican Party is the Party of No.” But do you really believe it? This slogan is really a fabrication created by the Democrats. Recently Senator John Kerry (D-MA) said, “…people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth...” In this case, I agree.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader, said this in one speech in 2005: "And we're not going to let President Bush and the Republicans weaken the most successful social program in the history of the world."

Reid showed both arrogance and anger in his opposition to President Bush’s innovative idea to allow the younger contributors of Social Security to manage their own money with stocks and bonds if they so desired. Don’t you remember? "We're going to stand united against privatization,” he said, with a crinkled brow, a frown, and eyes squinting.

"But first it means doing everything we can, every waking minute, to make sure that George Bush finally hears the message that you've delivered today: Stop trying to privatize Social Security." Senator Reid would not even consider a debate about the plan. Or a tweak. It was just plain old, “NO!”

"It may take 60 days, it may take six months, it may take six years, but it doesn't matter, we're not going to back down." Yes, Harry Reid said it. He also said, "Well, as you see here today, Democrats are ready to fight!" Why fight, why not debate?

Harry Reid added, "The Bush plan would take our already record high $4.3 trillion debt and put us another $2 trillion in the red. That’s an immoral burden to place on the backs of the next generation." Meanwhile, he was in charge of the U.S. Senate and his Democratic Party held a huge majority when the national debt soared from under $9 trillion to almost $14 trillion. I guess there are times when it’s ok to increase the burden on our children and grandchildren. To see the current national debt (careful, it may scare you) click on this URL: U.S. Debt

In 2010, Pelosi and Reid oppose the extension of the Bush tax cuts. In other words, they blindly oppose anything with the name “Bush” on it. Seriously, they are for increasing taxes on the highest earners in society. You know, the ones who create jobs… Can’t they keep what they earn? Pelosi and Reid say, “NO!”

Truth be told, the Republican Party is really the party of "know." See: Party of Know

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Jack said...

As Trent Lott said, “The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail ... so far it’s working for us.”

The Republicans have blocked 375 bills so far in the Senate, so I think "The party of no' is probably the correct title.