Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NOW (The National Organization for Liberal Women)

Written : Oct. 19 and 31, 2010

NOW says it's the National Organization for Women, but is it? Defenders say it stood up for Chelsea Clinton when MSNBC’s David Shuster commented on the time she campaigned for her mom. He said, "Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way...” NOW and other groups called on NBC president Steve Capus to do something and he suspended Shuster. NOW called for a boycott of Glenn Beck when he called Mary Landrieu a prostitute for taking the Lousiana Purchase deal in exchange for her vote on the recent health care bill. That's standing up for women, isn't it? So what's the problem?

NOW’s motto is ‘taking action for women’s equality since 1966,’ but does it take action for all women? NOW Endorsed Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL 8), but he once called one of Ben Bernanke's aides a “K Street whore.” NOW endorsed Jerry Brown (D-CA) for California Governor over Meg Whitman (R-CA) one day after a Brown aide called Whitman a whore. Brown was heard on a recording then implying his campaign could ‘use that.’ Why did NOW only scold Brown - and maintain their support for him?

NOW endorsed N.Y. Senator Hilary Clinton in 2008 , but Sarah Palin (R-AK) was savaged by the media during the same presidential campaign. A demeaning photo was even taken through Palin's legs and it made news. Why did NOW say and do nothing?

Go to NOW's PAC site and see which Republican candidates are supported. There are none, although there are many fine, Republican women candidates running. Does it make you wonder if NOW really supports all women?

But things will change. Lifelong Democrat Shelly Mandell, the President of the NOW chapter in Los Angeles, CA, spoke at a Sarah Palin rally and spoke of Palin to the crowd, "America, this is what a feminist looks like." There's hope. Eventually everyone will recognize that conservative women are also pioneers making progress!

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Jack said...

I'm afraid you were mislead:

"A member and officer of the Los Angeles NOW chapter, Shelly Mandell, recently introduced Governor Sarah Palin at an event in Carson, California. Ms. Mandell was speaking as an individual and was not authorized to represent NOW, the NOW PAC or LA NOW in any capacity in connection with a federal candidate endorsement. As NOW President Kim Gandy said upon Palin’s selection , 'Not every woman supports women's rights.' The use of Shelly Mandell’s Los Angeles NOW title was apparently intended to mislead the public, and indeed has resulted in local television outlets and internet reports misstating that LA NOW has “endorsed” Sarah Palin or that she has a record of supporting women’s rights. This in fact is not the case.