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Written : July 3 and 6, 2010

Navigate a browser to CPUSA.org, the home page of the Communist Party USA, and you can learn about current American Communist thought. They say, "A better world is possible - a world where people come before profits. That's socialism. That's our vision." They change the phrase ‘America’s protection of freedom and democracy’ to ‘Imperialism’ - although we do not use our armies for conquest. They call for a cutback in U.S. military spending, the immediate withdrawal of our troops from everywhere in the world, and call for a new ‘New Deal.’ Instead of suggesting that people improve themselves, they like to say they’re helping us in a 'class struggle'. CPUSA rightfully denounces racism, but also the Arizona immigration law, SB1070. They call for all-out boycotts of anything Arizonan. They say in a defiant tone that they will not follow laws they deem to be unjust, yet, who are they to judge? They say the overwhelming majority of border-crossing immigrants are victims, not perpetrators. Sound familiar?

While they say "socialism will meet the needs of the great majority of our people and lay the basis for solving our social, economic, and environmental problems," socialism has never worked anywhere in the world! While they say, "socialism offers the best environment for democracy to flourish," there's never been a time when socialism has not been coupled with a dictatorship! Name one place socialism has flourished and benefited mankind... you can't!

What's also a little disturbing is their insistence that "[the growth of] socialism in the U.S. ...requires a militant insurgent peace movement that employs nuanced tactics." (What does that mean?) The CPUSA's web site says their struggle is an international one, so this is a globalist's paradise. Remember, these are the folks who believe in violent overthrow of governments, and they don’t respect our laws or the common individual (they know better than you)! While we make sure businesses don't overwork their employees, for the protection of our freedoms we must also be on guard to assure the socialists and Communists do not gain power here.


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