Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missed Chances to Side with Israel

Written : Jan. 13 and Mar. 24, 2009, and July 3 and 6, 2010

  1. I was born of 100% Jewish ancestry.

  2. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood.

  3. I spoke with many Jewish people when I was growing up, many of whom loved Israel but were fair with its Middle Eastern neighbors.

  4. The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was founded when I was a child. When I was young and liberal I refused to believe they actually called for the destruction of the state of Israel – but the PLO did!

  5. In 1964 Israel began taking water from the Jordan River. Immediately after, the Arab states tried to divert water upstream choking Israel’s water supply by a little over 10%. I didn’t know this until recently.

  6. Egypt’s President Nasser expelled the U.N.’s 10-year peacekeeping force from the Sinai Peninsula in 1967. Israel not only fought back, they beat the armies of nine (9) Arab nations’ armies and took territory from three nations – all in 6 days (during the Six Day War). I was aware of the war when it occurred, but ignored Egypt’s role of provocation.

  7. Look at the area on a to-scale map. Many huge Arab countries surround little Israel, the little guy, the underdog.

  8. In 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of atonement, a high holy day. It took 20 days, but Israel won the conflict.

  9. After the Yom Kippur war in 1973, one Arab nation (Egypt) finally recognized Israel’s existence (it had become a country in 1947, a full 26 years earlier than when it was first recognized!).

  10. The third Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat, became the first Arab leader to visit Israel (in 1977) and then made peace with Israel in 1979. Egypt was then expelled from “The Arab League” by the other Arab countries. Sadat was assassinated in 1981 for other reasons, but also for his desire to make peace with Israel. The rascal! No Arab leaders attended his funeral, by the way.

  11. Of all the nations in the Mideast, Israel is the one which resembles our country the most. They are and always have been our ally, at least until now.

The great majority of American politicians who are members of the Democrat Party (D) oppose Israel and many stand behind those who dedicate their lives to the murder of all Jews, worldwide. The Republican Party (R), on the other hand, always supports Israel. Many non-Jewish conservatives ask me why the majority of Jews support the Democratic Party. This phenomenon surprises me every day. I don't understand why most Jews are not Republicans. Do you?

So, I ask myself: How could I have ever sided with the Arab states? I thought I was being open-minded, but I was being obtuse instead. What took me so long to support Israel without question, in every instance? The simple answer is: 9/11, and what I learned afterward.


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