Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Immigration Ideas

Written : June 29, 2010

In a fit of irony, the federal government is now suing one of its states, Arizona, for producing legislation which supports existing federal laws! Dick Morris, a former aide for President Clinton, says, “it is a desperate, last ditch attempt to rebuild [President Obama’s] sagging popularity with America’s Hispanic voters.”

On Greta Van Susteren’s show, “On the Record”, Darrell Steinberg (D-CA), a State Senator, said the Arizona law is crafted to implement the law in a decisive way. He went on to say that once [an Arizonan] is pulled over, “if they have my color (white) skin, they’re not going to be asked for their immigration papers. If they have brown skin they likely will, whether they’re a legal citizen, a legal resident, or an undocumented immigrant, and that’s not right.” The law, SB1070, does not raise the issue of race once, but Mr. Steinberg sure does.

If one is pulled over, that person is required to show a driver’s license. We keep those with us, don’t we? Don’t legal immigrants want to stop the illegals, too? Although we don’t want to harass or pursue Mexican-Americans and any legal immigrants, why not use some common sense here? Who are we mainly looking for, Caucasians? And, how is this divisive? People would only be asked for citizenship papers if and only if they commit or are suspected of committing a crime, and they would be asked for a license if they have ANY color skin. Legal immigrants and legal visitors, I would advise you to carry ID and/or papers with you, why not?

Dick Morris thinks that if we did three things, we could solve the immigration issue. One: Jail time for anyone who hires illegals. Two: Setup a biometric ID system. Three: Implement a fair guest-worker program. They’re a start, but I’m not sure those steps are enough. I think we also have to seal the border for a period of time first. Only then can we begin to make progress toward solving the problem. And, don’t worry so much about the Hispanic vote. Like the rest of us, trust they’ll also know who to vote for.


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