Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Private Policy Goes Public

Written : Apr. 13, 2010

President Obama recently revealed a new strategy with regard to nuclear weapons. He said we wouldn’t, under any circumstances, use them on countries without nukes. The president is a nice man with good intentions. However, Politics 101 dictates we leave everything on the table, in order to deter other nations and to protect our own. Similarly, announcing a withdrawal strategy for our troops to the whole world allows the enemy to plan ahead. In school, did you tell the bully if you were punched you wouldn’t hit back – even though you knew you wouldn’t? If early withdrawal is our goal, we shouldn’t announce it. We should work the plan privately. Republicans aren’t against President Obama’s ideals because his dreams for a better world are noble, and they do like him personally. Among the things they object to is his lack of privacy for our American policies.

I certainly agree the stockpiling of thousands of nuclear weapons and the ability to destroy the world many times over seems ridiculous. The president announced an altruistic goal for the elimination of all nuclear weapons earlier this month. But, what if nations like Iran and North Korea don’t play along? What if a larger country decides to build up their arsenal? It’s the right thing to do to keep a few around for the sake of deterrence. Do not plan to use them, but don’t tell the world, either! I don’t think it’s possible to completely eliminate nukes in our lifetime, do you?

The U.S. has been attacked at least 57 times by extremist Muslims. Check it out here: list of attacks Yet, President Obama earlier this month attempted to de-link Islamic radicalism from our official national security strategy. He seems to feel if we ignore the problem it will go away. But, Ralph Peters, a terrorism expert, said on CSPAN about a month earlier, on Mar. 21, 2010, we can’t achieve a lasting peace in the world when we deny there are some bad people in the world. I believe most Muslims are good people, but what is gained by ignoring the obvious?


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