Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Calling Names

Written : Apr. 14, and 20, 2010

”You’re a moron,” she said. The boy replied, “You’re an idiot.” Then Mama stepped in and taught how calling names is narrow-minded and wrong. Each child then apologized to the other. “I’m sorry,” they said.

Last week someone at work called Sarah Palin a name. “She’s stupid.” My friend, a Democrat, without a shred of evidence, went on to imply Palin might even be mentally ill. She said it with such an uncharacteristic anger it stunned the two of us who heard it. Without revealing who said it, I related the story to another conservative co-worker. He stated the obvious by noting most on our side wouldn’t use the tactic of character assassination on a liberal. I agree. Mama was right, name calling is never appropriate.

I was listening to a caller on “The Ed Schultz Show”, on Apr. 14, while driving to work. She was calling in from eastern Washington State, which she repeated a couple of times, is close to Idaho (but not to Russia). The lady went on to call the people of Idaho ‘backward’. To illustrate a misunderstanding liberals have, by ‘backward’ she meant ‘conservative’. It’s not right to paint all people with the same brush, and she admitted it. However, the caller went on to say she was certain there were some fair-minded progressives in Idaho, but it had been her experience “they’re backward over there.” I have news for the caller. There are backward liberals and fair-minded conservatives, too!


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