Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Time

Written : Apr. 06, 2010

Who are those Tea Party members? I imagine they’re nice people, like you and me. They grow weary of struggle when there is no reward. Tea Partiers realize government has its place, but they don’t want to be forced to relinquish a lifetime of accomplishments. Who can blame them? These fine people will lend a helping hand when required, but they also believe in individual achievement and personal responsibility over hand-outs and spreading the wealth.

The evidence shows the Tea Party people are non-violent and are not a threat, but some would make you believe otherwise. Don’t take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s word for it, check the web, evaluate, and read their signs. Sure, they’re angry, but when likening it to a parent and child, it’s more like a scolding than a beating. Look at their web site and see for yourself.

When something captures the imagination of America like the Tea Party has, there will be detractors and those who want to stop it. So, along came the bland Coffee Party. They say they’re not affiliated with any other group, which is a plus, and I like the statements on their web site. However, this group was created to distract you from the main event, which is defeating incumbents this fall.

I’m certain there will be attempts to incite violence from the Tea Partiers, and then finger-pointing will follow. Remember how the ‘establishment’ wanted the hippies to be violent just so they could retaliate? Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), and others deliberately strode through the Tea Party crowd the day the Health Care bill was signed. Have you ever wondered why?


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