Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Might Be a Conservative If…

Written : Mar. 9-10, 2009

I was once on the left side of the political aisle, but I wasn’t always sure why. I dared to question liberals as well as conservatives. In so doing, I learned much and eventually changed my mind politically. Perhaps you are left of center but are starting to question current liberal philosophy. It’s possible you’re really a closet conservative as I was, and although there is no ultimate test, here are a few items by which you can test that theory:

You might be a conservative if you…

1. Want everyone to succeed, not just a select few.

2. Don’t like to classify people into groups.

3. Don’t describe or point out anyone’s physical appearance, race, or status to others.

4. Think it’s unfair to be punished for your current or future successes.

5. Think it’s unfair to punish others for their current or future successes.

6. Don’t see yourself as a victim.

7. Are proud of many of America’s past achievements.

You might be a conservative if you believe that…

8. Laws are worthless if they are not enforced.

9. America’s best days still are ahead of her.

10. Success is earned and is not a right.

11. ”The women’s movement” should support all women regardless of their politics.

12. Lower taxes can help individuals and businesses and therefore can help the economy.

13. Higher taxes can hurt individuals and businesses and therefore can harm the economy.

14. The people who make this country work are not the enemy.

15. People’s lives / families can be destroyed by welfare.

16. Socialism and Communism have never lifted masses of people out of poverty.

17. Labor unions were once necessary but today they are corrupt and can be more harmful than good.

You just might be a conservative if…

18. You’re not jealous of anyone else’s success.

19. You don’t understand why and think it’s generally unfair that hard working people like yourself who pay their mortgages on time are not being rewarded and why people who do not pay their mortgages are.

20. You think there’s no incentive for hard work if everyone is paid the same wage.

21. You know that America’s not perfect, yet you think it’s the best country in the world. In addition, you believe Americans are not better than anyone else.

22. When you see a “glass ceiling” you don’t complain much about it, and you strive even harder to succeed.

23. You think that “service to others” is a noble idea and is something you should strive to accomplish.

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