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Written : Feb. 17, Mar. 15, 24, 31, 2009

On Feb. 4, 2009, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) implied the new stimulus bill would cause all our public schools to have solar panels installed. I say let’s remember her statement on the topic, and verify her prediction when the time comes. Anyone taking bets as to whether the oh, so fair and unbiased mainstream media will ever call her on it – or, will we only hear about it on talk radio, “Hannity”, and on “The O’Reilly Factor”?

On “Fox News Sunday” on Feb. 15, 2009, Chris Wallace pressed David Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Obama, about the “Fairness Doctrine”. It was funny to watch Axelrod squirm and try to wiggle his way out. His answer was, “I'm going to leave that issue to Julius Genachowski, our new head of the FCC, to — and the president to discuss. So I don't have an answer for you now.” So, either they’ll abandon the issue, or Axelrod was so aware of the volatility of the subject that he was afraid to answer the question directly.

On Feb. 24, 2009, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) asked Ben Bernancke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve), “Do you breathe a sigh of relief that we didn’t privatize social security?” Now, I disagree with the term “privatization”, but wouldn’t it be a super idea to do it now, while the market is depressed? What bargains are out there! Actually, the Bush plan would not have allowed older people to participate, but rather the very young, or folks in their twenties. They would have had a long time for the market to recover, roughly 40-45 years. Historically, our markets have always rebounded. Why did some politicians distort and misrepresent such a fine plan?

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