Sunday, March 15, 2009


Written : Mar. 12, 2009

Jim Cramer, the guy who entertained us with his antics on CNBC’s show “Mad Money”, recommended stocks to us the past few years. If you took his advice I’m sure you were satisfied some of the time and depressed at other times. He was enjoyable to watch. Sometimes he made us laugh, and sometimes he was too frantic, but he was always interesting. Everyone loved him, including the media because I’ve recently discovered, he has always been a liberal Democrat.

The interesting thing this past week was that Cramer dared contradict President Obama by saying that he was “causing the greatest destruction of wealth I have ever seen by a president”. I read he even compared Obama to Vladimir Lenin. So what? But the White House and the liberal media have no tolerance for any dissent. They now want to destroy the man since he’s been “disobedient”! They’re starting to question Jim Cramer’s ethics. How despicable. Do we now have a totalitarian state? Is this now a dictatorship? It’s starting to seem so, especially in Cramer’s case.

Jon Stewart (yes, the comedian) was only the first to angrily suggest that Jim Cramer, a fellow TV show host, actually had something to do with causing the financial crisis we’re now experiencing. Barney Frank, the House of Representative’s Financial Services Committee Chairman, one of many politicians who as late as 2004 defended the running of Fannie May and Freddie Mac, is not one who caused regular folks to lose value in their 401K’s. They are blaming Jim Cramer instead! Just watch, they’ll try to sue or criminally indict Cramer and/or have him fired from his TV show! Punishment for criticizing the President! But it’s not conservatives who are attempting to silence a critic!

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