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Why Everyone Pines for 41 (President George H. W. Bush)

Written : Jan. 13 and 22, 2013

 George H. W. Bush

On my DVR on Oct. 30, 2012, I recorded a film by Jeffrey Roth simply titled, 41. It’s about America’s 41st president, George Herbert Walker Bush. The blurb says, “President George H.W. Bush discusses his political career, family life, and military service,” but the movie covered so much more. And, thankfully, the interviewer didn’t try to steal the show! Illustrated with new footage and old, the gentle president described his life in a quiet, conversational tone. By limiting the airing of his questions, Jeffrey Roth allowed President Bush to express himself in great detail. He spoke about other great world leaders, all the previous jobs he held, his wife Barbara, his children, and expressed the love he has for all of his dogs. I enjoyed the lack of pretense and the president’s unique, easy-going, soft-spoken manner. Most on the right respect his place in history, basically how he ran President Reagan’s third term and presided over the end of the cold war with grace and strength.

 George H. W. Bush

This humble person always knew his privileged station in life, accepted it, and decided to serve instead of take. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum you can’t help but like this kind man. Few know his family called him ‘Poppy’ – from the time he was a child! Prescott Bush, his father, taught the family to appreciate the good life and the desire to help society. Most wealthy families follow a similar path; the Kennedys included. He praised his mother as the one who taught him open-mindedness. He heard her when she told him to not brag, and give the other guy a chance - listen to him and consider his opinions. What a sweet, endearing quality, and so many on the left today admire ‘41’ for it. They, like liberal writer Tom Friedman, love his middle-of-the-road tack and yearn for his willingness to consider their arguments and compromise. That was Poppy's way and an echo of his time. From his presidency I liked his willingness to discuss his love for broccoli, his personal mannerisms and unimportant, but memorable quotes, like, “Not gonna do it,” and “at this juncture.”

 George H. W. Bush

’41’ played sports in college, and served in the U.S. Navy in WWII. He met Babe Ruth and was photographed with him. The world-famous Yankee and home run star formally presented the Ivy League school with his life story, and he handed it over to - George Herbert Walker Bush! Admitting to a lack of scholarly ways, President Bush 41 said that he tried various jobs until he succeeded in the oil business. He then decided to run for office. We tend to think of him only as a former president but he experienced and accomplished many other things. His other public service jobs don’t come to mind right away, including U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. CIA Director, and he served as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President during both of President Reagan’s terms. Most Americans don’t know that he and his wife Barbara lost a 4-year-old daughter to Leukemia in 1953, and that he still feels the pain.

 George H. W. Bush

He walks slowly, and with a limp and a cane now. His voice quivers more than ever, but he vows to sky-dive again on his 90th birthday (I wish I had such courage)! And as with a favorite relative, I wish he weren’t so old and feeble. If I could I’d like to give him back a few years: he deserves them – but, of course, I can’t.

If George Herbert Walker Bush were president today, many on the right would fear his tendency to turn left and possibly reverse himself. Those on the left might distrust or hate him as a member of the opposition. But he served his time well. Many on the right have grown to admire some things about President Clinton’s presidency - and many on the left revere this man. People of both parties now thank him for his service and most would embrace the chance to share a meal and a drink with him, if only for a few minutes. From watching this film, I know I would.


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