Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I Never Expected to See

Written : Jan. 29, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo

YouTube of Cuomo Speech/Rant

I never thought I’d see the Governor of New York go ballistic in support of gun control. The rant portion of Governor Cuomo’s speech begins at approx. 2:30 in the video above, and lasts for about a minute.


Women on the Front Lines

I never wanted to fear that my daughter or granddaughter might suffer loss of limb by fighting an enemy on the front lines, but I do worry about this now.


Sen. John Kerry

The idea that a soldier who told stories about American atrocities during the Vietnam War could one day become the U.S. Secretary of State strikes me as quite unbelievable.


Jack Lew Jack Lew

How can a nominee for U.S. Treasurer (one of two who signs dollar bills) be so incapable of signing his name?


Manti Te’o

Given the critical issues of the day (the government has no more money, The Middle East is going nuts, Al Qaeda isn’t dead, taxes are up, North Korea threatens to attack the U.S. with nuclear missiles, the president is grabbing more and more executive power), don’t you find the media’s obsession over a football player’s fake dead girlfriend a bit excessive, let alone somewhat creepy?


16 oz. sugary drink ban

I never thought I’d see a 16 oz. limit on the sale of sugary drinks. I’d buy two, instead, wouldn’t you?



This is the best one: I never dreamt that a hand-held device would ever be able to identify a song! (The android app is called Shazam.)



Obamacare explained in one long sentence

Jon Stewart finds intolerance at the DNC

The Government Can

Scroll down: Rosa Koire explains Agenda 21


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Keywords: "Conservatism", "Conservative blog", "Mark A. Cohen", "From The Left to the Right", “Red Eye”, “John Kerry”, “Andrew Cuomo”, “16 oz. soda ban”, “fake dead girlfriend”, “cell phones can identify songs”

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