Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Emily’s List President Stephanie Schriock - An Honest Portrayal of the Liberal Agenda

Written : Mar. 06, 2012

At least the president of Emily’s List, Stephanie Schriock, is up front about her group’s goals. As their website says, they aim to elect “pro-choice Democratic women to office.” Conservative women, stay home and remain in the kitchen - only female liberals need apply. I wish I could find such honesty in the feminist movement, where they pretend to support all women, but only stand up for ladies on the left. I support their right to exist and to push their agenda, but I disagree with most of their ideas. Yet, I find Ms. Schriock’s appearance on CSPAN fascinating - and unusual. What a candid look at partisan views about women and the media!

Their president states that her clan strives for women voters to stand up and vote against the “outrageous Republicans.” She repeats that women make up only 17% of the U.S. Congress, and Ms. Schriock says yes, she wants to see more conservative women, too, but she prefers that pro-choice Republican women run for office. Ms. Schriock relates this statement to our media’s misguided mantra by telling us that conservatives are so far to the right that they find themselves outside of the main stream. Of the right’s latest objection to President Obama’s health care mandate that Christian organizations provide contraception against their beliefs, Ms. Schriock reminisces about similar discussions in America held during the 1930’s and 1950’s. She thinks that there should be no more discourse about religious freedom, because, as she recalls, Americans discussed this topic two or three generations ago. We are so done with an open debate! How refreshing, but disappointing at the same time.

Sandra Fluke, a law school student, recently testified before Congress. She complained about the cost of contraceptives while supporting Mr. Obama’s wishes for health care. When the host of Washington Journal raises the issue of Rush Limbaugh’s recent and unfortunate comments about Ms. Fluke, Stephanie Schriock reiterates that Rush should be taken off the air. This is because, according to our expert, this kind of talk is disgusting and inappropriate. On the other hand, she avoids commenting on commentator Chris Matthews’ and comedian Bill Maher’s nasty and demeaning comments about Sarah Palin. She says nothing about Ed Schultz’s malicious rant against conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham or Keith Olbermann’s insult of Michelle Malkin. Schriock speaks out against the noxious comments by the left-leaning commentators. However, we must censor only Limbaugh’s voice, according to the president of Emily’s List.

We never hope to silence liberals’ expression of thought. However, when their speech strikes us as unfair, we conservatives must object. Stephanie Schriock’s desire to censor Rush Limbaugh strikes me as unfortunate and unreasonable. I oppose and challenge its logic.


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Patriot said...

Getting back to Sandra Fluke....this is a tired and typical left wing tactic to detract from the real issues that concern Americans. The economy and Obama's insane race to destroy capitalism before he is ousted in the next election. Sandra Fluke is a leftist plant....The liberals know there will be plenty of dummies who will get in a huff about "women's reproductive rights and women's health care". It is not about women's reproductive rights, etc. ...it is about "me " not wanting to borrow money from China to pay for this woman's recreational sex life. Get it??? The usual liberal bias is that if you do not want to pay for something then you must be against it ....then they go after you like a barracuda on steroids.. The issue is the economy and the loones running our country.....not Sandra Fluke ( and by the way.....birth control pills, Sandra, are not $3000/yr...more like under $100/year....once again the lies of the left. tsk tsk