Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Remaining 2012 Republican Candidates Competing for the Nomination

Written : Jan. 17, 2012

Our number one goal remains the defeat of President Obama’s radical, transformative agenda in the presidential election this fall. Conservatives must support our nominee… After vigorous and negative campaigning, all of our candidates must show us the way - and rally behind the top dog. My purpose is not to back one of the remaining five and trash the others, but I admit I have some problems at this stage, seeing Rick Perry and Ron Paul as winners in this horse race. Can they win? Anything is possible, but could either beat Barack Obama, the wealthy, but radical champion of the downtrodden? Perhaps... For all the libertarians reading this, I agree with most of your principles, and I love your movement. However, I believe the leader of the cause - the spearhead of the Tea Party - should not be Dr. Paul. However, rest assured, someone will emerge in time…

Of the probable nominees, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, I am drawn to Newt, the smartest guy in the room, but his negatives pull him down too much. As Bill Kristol said this morning on CSPAN’s Washington Journal, the former speaker probably can’t overcome a 30-point un-favorability rating. Santorum seems more and more presidential each time I see him, but I believe his strong social conservative message – which I generally agree with – is too strong for the general public. I see Romney as a weaker conservative than the other two, yet, stronger against President Obama because I think he can win the independents. Someday we need to nominate a strong but nimble conservative, someone like Ronald Reagan, but it appears that this is not the time. The candidates are smashing each other and giving the incumbent some ammunition to use later this year. I hope they know what they’re doing. If our nominee can overcome the negativity with the blooming of the flowers in spring and/or summer, we’ll win in the fall.

When one of the remaining five receives the nomination, we need to support him, and I promise I will. Ron Paul, if he loses, MUST NOT RUN as a third-party candidate! If he does, President Obama will grab a second term, and we can kiss the America we once knew - goodbye.

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