Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Esquire’s 79 Things We Can All Agree On – More Mainstream Media Left-Wing Bias

Written : Jan. 24, 2012

I admit it. I didn’t purchase the Feb. 2012 issue of Esquire Magazine. President Bill Clinton’s on the cover, joined by a headline, 79 Things We Can All Agree On, so I immediately grasped the direction of the article inside. Sure enough… this is another example of the elite media trying to convince us of some sort of opinionated consensus, and left-wing media bias.

Eric Stoner’s blog also contains a post on this topic – written yesterday, Jan. 23, 2012. He lists more of Esquire’s things than I, and his post seems less partisan than mine, so you may get a more comprehensive feel for the article if you check it out, too. Stoner seems more middle-of-the-road than me, but I did agree with a few of Esquire’s things. However, I abhor snob fests like this one, disagreed with most of their selections, and I list the objectionable ones, which I feel are examples of left-wing media bias, here:

The 11th thing says, “Obama has accomplished more in his 1st three years than any of his predecessors. The president enjoyed a House and Senate majority, so he should have accomplished more, but I believe he didn’t. Yes, he got Bin Laden, but he accomplished only negative things, and almost nothing constructive. Go ahead, I dare you, name two, and post them below, in the comments section.

The 26th says, “Tina Fey is a national treasure. Hardly. She created a sometimes funny, but false, nasty, and biased impression of Sarah Palin, causing many liberals to quote her (and not Palin), “I can see Russia from my house.” Fey said it, Palin didn’t.

The 28th through 30th idolize a columnist/blogger, who writes for a left-leaning newspaper, The Washington Post. “Ezra Klein gives economics columnists/bloggers a good name. It’s a shock that Ezra Klein is just 27 years old. Take a look at his blog and see for yourself. It would be more of a shock if Esquire liked anything or anyone who is conservative. Not gonna happen!

The 35th thing says, The New York Times is the only essential newspaper left. Conservatives know that The Times is around only to give the mainstream media its liberal talking points. Next!

The 57th thing says, “In retrospect the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the greatest mistakes our country has made in our lifetimes.” The biggest mistake we made was electing a socialist to the presidency. I hope it never happens again.

The 58th thing says, “Most people really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a handgun.” Perhaps I shouldn’t, because I am not experienced with guns. However, those who are trained and practiced in the handling of firearms should be allowed to handle them, and more. At any rate, I take offense at the suggestion that someone might want to remove this constitutional freedom of choice for Americans. Shame on liberals, they always speak about being so pro-choice

The 61st thing says, “…scripted dramatic TV is the most satisfying of all the entertainment media.” Typical elite drivel, and opinionated nonsense.

The 71st thing says, “We can all agree to hate a few things, such as…” They list 15 examples, and I agree with Mr. Stoner here, there are a few for everyone here, and I strongly disagreed with two. However, I disagree to hate anything. That’s only for the left!

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