Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Time Liberal Stephane Hessel (b. 1917) Tells Us Obama is Black

Nov. 08 and 15, 2011

Stephane Hessel just celebrated the publication of his book, Time For Outrage, and his 94nd birthday. Mr. Hessel, a former French resistance fighter, is a classic, old-time liberal; a gentleman. You must remember liberals like him - the decent, polite ones. The ones who let you speak – the ones who wouldn’t call you names or freak out when you disagreed with them. There aren’t many left. I know, because my dad fit that mold. My father’s 99th birthday is coming up next June, but unfortunately, he’s not here to celebrate it with me.

CSPAN-2 covered the event at Columbia University in New York City on September 27, 2011. Affable Mr. Hessel told his young, liberal collegiate audience to “never give up, never be indifferent, and never think that things are running in a way that cannot be changed.” Hessel believes one must find the time for indignation when your values are not respected. This sounds like good advice for conservatives, especially in this age of overwhelming mainstream media (MSM) bias against the right…

Many liberals like to think conservatives are racist, but I know from personal experience – this is not the case. In fact, most conservatives are blind to skin color. I’ve seen only left wingers dwell on class and race in recent years. And, sure enough, Hessel had to tell his audience, “We must admit that Obama is black.” What, he’s black? Really?

My left-wing mother used to repeatedly tell me about the IT person in her office. “She’s black,” Mom would tell me. But why point out such foolish insignificance? Both parents made sure to teach me what counts most is inside a person, not outside. Race doesn’t count! I made sure to learn and practice it. Why does it matter now? Who cares about race? Unfortunately, many liberals do. Conservatives don’t, and would never say such a thing, but if they did it – in front of a camera as Hessel did, the media would emphasize it ad nauseum. I wish Mr. Hessel only the best, but he, like the rest of today’s left is confused on many fronts, including race, freedom, and equality.

Admit your racism, liberals, come clean and embrace conservatism! Good thing we live in a time when you can just believe you are equal, and it is so. That’s all you need today. More liberals need to believe it, relax a little, and come on over.

Watch Hessel CSPAN-2 appearance here or here and/or read more about him at Democracy Now

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