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Ruthless at The Troxy Club

Aug. 23, Sep. 6, and Oct. 18, 2011

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, a left-wing show on PBS, moderated a get-together of British liberals and radicals at the Troxy Club in London in early July of this year. The headliner wasn’t Slavoj (pronounced Slavoy) Zizek, a clever and entertaining Slovenian philosopher, but Julian Assange, of Wikileaks infamy. I noticed that Zizek, albeit with an apology, called Newt Gingrich a scum of the earth. Intellectual - not so much, but remember, this is what we’ve come to expect from the left. He surprised me when he admitted that his side tends to offer more verbal manure than the right. Zizek, with a fascinating anecdote about TV shows, pointed out that progressives can sometimes learn more from honest conservatives than from lefties because the conservatives will not try to sell you a load of crap, while liberals will. My father, himself a Communist, used to tell me I could learn from conservatives, too. Unfortunately, he never took his own advice.

The consequences don’t matter - giving away the U.S.A.’s national secrets is just fine with Mr. Assange, who has released over 400,000 secret documents, so far. He thinks the right’s outrage to the Wikileaks scandal is a new form of McCarthyism. Zizek told the crowd of leftists that they must ruthlessly pursue every avenue to push their socialist agenda. Yikes! Assange urged the crowd to “co-opt the mainstream media.” Assange accurately defined the strategy as ideological penetration and subverting the filters of the mainstream media. By using shock value to force the reporters to read the documents, “they, themselves have been radicalized,” he said. Good idea, Julian, the right should adopt some of your ferocious attitude. I enjoyed watching this program, but remember, these folks are determined and unrelenting.

Zizek, wearing a portrait of Vladimir Lenin on his t-shirt, reminded me of an image of Joe Cocker, singing. Temporarily grabbing everyone’s attention and waving his arms wildly - while speaking English in a rushed manner, and in a fascinating Slovenian accent - he told the audience that Assange “changed the ways you can violate the rules. This is important,” he emphasized. Humorous, yes, but I never understood the left’s penchant for shaking things up, just for the heck of it. Why try for more disorder, unless you are a Communist?

Amy Goodman related a story of how U.S. soldiers shot Iraqi soldiers in the midst of surrendering. She created this shocking description after viewing a secret film released by Assange, she said. However, I’m quite familiar with left-wing exaggerations and truth-twisting. Somehow, I didn’t believe her story. You know, ruthlessly pursue every avenue to push our agenda... Enjoy this program if you see it, and laugh as I did, but we need to be ever cautious - and keep in mind that these folks are not just joshing around. They do believe the right is evil, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end to redistribute all of the wealth - even if it destroys our civilization. They have a right to their opinions and free speech, but be careful, they’ll misrepresent the facts and use hyperbole to tear us down. They’ll employ a false sense of fairness and throw in some class warfare to make their point. With a bulldog-like tenacity, and perhaps even a sense of humor, they’ll try to convince you to join their cause. Please resist theirs, and consider conservatism, which has been proven to work, and makes much more logical sense to me.


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