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James Delingpole I – Imagine…

Oct.10, 2011

What a coincidence! The 10:10 project was to debut one year ago today, on 10/10/10. 10:10 pushes for us to cut our own, personal carbon emissions by 10% in one year. “But, why?” as James Delingpole, an author, might ask. Carbon Dioxide is not harmful, it’s plant food! Mr. Delingpole asserts these and other interesting, thought provoking ideas in his new book, Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors. His web site uses John Lennon’s thoughtful song/word, Imagine, to spark ideas in you. Just imagine - if we took a fraction of the cash we spend on combating global warming, and spent it instead on hunger or clean drinking water. What if organic food and biofuels were more harmful than gasoline? “Imagine if carbon dioxide were our friend,” his site tells us.

In his too brief, but notable appearance on Book-TV on CSPAN-2 this past weekend (it first aired on 6/30/11), Mr. Delingpole showed a short presentation released just over a year ago by 10:10. The simple point of the short, four-minute film is that people who don’t believe that global warming is manmade should be murdered. Don’t believe me? You can view the disturbing and violent video for yourself. Here we have yet another example of the left’s intolerance.

James Delingpole maintains that the green movement’s insistence that he and others like him are deniers of some sort is erroneous and illogical. What are they denying? He admits he’s not a scientist, but like so many others, admits that the climate change is happening. James just says, God forbid, that it might not be man-made. We need to understand where the green movement’s catastrophic theories come from. In ancient times, religions made us feel guilty and atone for our sins. But, why, in our current age, must we punish ourselves (for example) - by using more expensive - but inferior light bulbs to improve the world? It is his contention in his book that “you don’t have to make a choice between either the environment or economic growth.” They go hand-in-hand. The example he gives goes back to Victorian times. The tax rate was about 10%, and the British economy was booming. London’s Thames River was vile; and known as the great stink. Things floated past, and people vomited while walking by. Why does this no longer happen? The low-tax rate allowed the Victorians the financial ability to create a sewage system. James Delingpole’s point is that people will clean up their environment if they can afford it. When taxes are low, it helps. When their economic freedoms are not squashed by big government, they clean up – my gosh, all by themselves.

James points out there are no nature haters, we are all nature lovers. Who doesn’t like a walk in the park? Who doesn’t like a clean environment? Who doesn’t love little animals? We do need some regulations to make sure some big companies do not pollute, but he says we can do it without over-burdening regulations and interference of the government. The falsehood which has been perpetrated by the green movement and the left is that there are only two types of people in the world. One is caring, sharing, bunny-hugging nature lovers who care about nature. On the other hand, there are the evil capitalists who want to destroy the world. To paraphrase, he said that nobody looks at a beach and thinks “What would improve this beach would be if it were covered with an oil slick. Add some dying pelicans and sea-otters.” We can achieve a cleaner world – but Mr. Delingpole says - without bombing our economy back to the stone ages. I find his way of thinking refreshing, don’t you?


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