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June 7 and 12, 2011

I urge you to read the following May 31, 2011 story on salon.com: Right-wingers really, really, really hoping Anthony Weiner story holds up by Alex Pareene. The subtitle is Accusing the New York Democrat of impropriety without compelling evidence seems fair, if you totally hate him. The theme of Pareene’s story is that while it’s possible that Weiner sexted a woman, he was probably phished, just as Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said.

Alex Pareene says that you simply can’t trust that Andrew Breitbart, “or anything his websites claim.” Breitbart, as it turns out, while stealing a page from Woodward and Bernstein (of Watergate fame), exposed the true stories of Weiner’s indiscretions. In the salon.com article, Pareene envisions Jonah Goldberg (a conservative columnist) giggling each time he uses the made-up Weinergate word. It’s funny to read how Pareene insists it’s not a word. It’s not! It’s not! Ok, already. The rest of us are laughing, too, but at Weiner’s foolishness (and perhaps at Alex Pareene’s eagerness to support him). As liberals liked to scold the rest of us, “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” It goes for people of all political parties, Alex.

Mr. Pareene continues to insist the whole Weiner affair was a made up story, scripted by someone to “make people think Weiner took and sent the photo.” Those evil conservatives! Pareene concludes, “Anthony Weiner could be trying to make this all go away because he did something wrong. But it also seems possible that he wants it all to go away because it's a stupid, false story. If you hate Weiner and hope very much that he'll depart public life in a humiliating fashion, I can see why you would be very excited about this...” Yeah, right, but is it possible that Pareene trusts Breitbart - now that the truth has been revealed? Weiner took naked photos of himself and sent them to various women… Breitbart had nothing to do with any of it, except for revealing the photos.

This ridiculous article should help us deal with future events. Even though we saw the irrational, paranoid defense of a guilty Democrat from a blogger, we can gain some insight into how the mainstream media thinks. This reasoning is one-dimensional, simplistic, and there was no curiosity to investigate until one, lone and courageous journalist, Mr. Breitbart, presented the evidence. What if Woodward and Bernstein decided to ignore your beloved Watergate affair, Mr. Pareene?


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