Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah Palin’s E-mails

June 12 and 19, 2011

Sarah Palin’s day for releasing her gubernatorial e-mails came up a few days ago. On June 9, 2011, The New York Times featured a story by Derek Willis in The Caucus, which is a blog. It said, “Help Us Review the Sarah Palin E-Mail Records.” Therefore, on the same day, the headline on The Huffington Post read, “ Help Us And Be Among The First To Read Sarah Palin’s Emails.” Another liberal site said, “Help the New York Times Read Through Sarah Palin’s Emails.” And they say conservatives are in lock-step!

Not that the release of information should be ignored, but can you recall the same request being made to help The Times read through Obama Care’s 2,000+ pages? Maybe you can think of a request made by the mainstream media for help during the 2008 election for an investigation into Barack Obama’s citizenship, or a request to help so-called journalists read a release of any Democrat’s e-mails? Didn’t think so. They’re just not interested in researching those stories.

But when it comes to digging up dirt on a conservative, they’ll stop at nothing. No one has yet complained about how many trees the huge stack of the Palin printout copies represented. If this had been a Democrat (and Republicans had requested tons of paper), I’m positive that environmental groups would have complained about the devastating impact to mother earth…

As I thought, despite the collective liberal salivation over the e-mail release, nothing terrible has emerged. Yahoo news reported, “Many…dealt with the mundane matters of running an office and a state…” So, this turns out to be a yawn instead of a great story of scandal, as the liberal media wanted. They wasted so much fervent, partisan effort - for nothing!


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