Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grover Norquist, Part II

Written : Dec. 7, 2010

…continued from last week…

The spectacular appearance of Grover Norquist on Washington Journal on Dec. 5, 2010 is worth discussing some more. He said that President Obama’s so-called stimulus package cost $800 billion, which led to higher unemployment, lower growth, and made the economy worse. How can you disagree?

Host Pedro Echevarria said the New York Times recently listed how much extending the Bush Tax Cuts could cost - and what it might yield for the U.S. if not extended. Each household over $250K would get an extra $25K annually if continued, while if the cuts expire, the Government would receive about $60 billion in revenue. The NYT suggested the $60 billion could buy - for example - a tripling of federal funding for research, or universal pre-school for 3- and 4-year-olds, or a much bigger troop surge in Afghanistan, etc. Mr. Echevarria asked Grover Norquist to respond.

The founder of Americans for Tax Reform surprised me with a little more excitement. “I don’t care what greedy politicians [want to do with] your income!” He then said that the NYT and the federal government play God and they think we’re wasting our money on our families. Norquist argued that we could spend it better. “The whole idea of the Tea Party was: You know what, Washington, you can’t spend my money better than I can and second of all, it’s not your money!”

Mr. Norquist continued, “The King wants the peasant’s money and he thinks the peasants are wasting it… It’s not the King’s money, it’s the American peoples’ money. We don’t have peasants in this country: We are citizens. …The nerve of the New York Times to announce: ‘Let me walk through your house and take things out...’ It’s not their job!”

Grover Norquist concluded, “Where was the NYT when we spent $800 billion on the so-called stimulus package…?” He then used an analogy. Take a cup to a lake and fill it with water. Next, walk around to the other side of the lake and dump the water in the cup back into the lake. And the so-called stimulus did it 800 billion times. Norquist suggested that Keynesian economics says if you take $1 from someone and give it to someone else it stimulates the economy. Doesn’t it seem like a silly idea?

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