Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grover Norquist, Part I

Written : Dec. 7, 2010

Did you catch Grover Norquist on Washington Journal on Dec. 5, 2010? Fortunately, I did. Mr. Norquist is the head of Americans for Tax Reform, and he was stellar on CSPAN!

According to Mr. Norquist, the Dems would like to make you believe they urgently want to extend the current tax rates for some but not for all. “Think about that,” he said. Democrats have had a majority in Congress for years (since 2006) and they’ve never even written a bill to extend the rates for anyone! “Not for poor people, not for middle-income people, for no one.” So, Mr. Norquist argued: President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Harry Reid have gotten up every morning and never lifted a finger to extend these tax cuts. The concept that they have a burning desire to extend the lower rates for anyone is nonsense. They were hoping they could let the Bush cuts expire, but they were beaten in the last election.

He explains my position beautifully. Grover Norquist painted a verbal picture of the President standing in front of businesses with a sledgehammer. Since Norquist’s appearance on this program, the Congress and the President have compromised on an extension of the cuts for two years. But he was prepared for the circumstance. Mr. Norquist said that President Obama would say to businesses, “We’re not going to smash you in the face now, we’re going to smash you in the face in two years.”

Norquist maintains, “Do you think investors and businesses [are going to say] that’s great, we’re going to build a new factory because we’re protected for two years? And then you hit us in the side of the head? No. Temporary tax cuts don’t have the incentives…that people face.” He says that the President’s plan is to make the change temporary, and then cause them to expire after he gets re-elected.

Grover Norquist concluded that since the cuts are not permanent now, we have to replace President Obama “in two years with a president who respects that when people earn money, it belongs to them [and] not to some greedy politician....” Well put, man!

...to be continued next week…

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