Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stupid Glasses

Written : Oct. 05, 2010

At a recent writers’ conference I attended, the keynote speaker made a marvelous speech. She truly inspired her fellow writers with humor and familiar tales of failure, followed by successes due to perseverance. Everything was going so well for this famous and respected Science Fiction author - until she brought up her personal opinion of Sarah Palin. With the country so divided, didn’t she know she’d turn off about half her audience? Unless one’s book is political, I think the subject should be off-limits.

After her speech I told the nice lady, who didn’t know me, that she inspired me with her talk. She thanked me, but I persisted. I made sure to mention I was also fired up due to her political statements. Ready for me, she asked, “You think Palin is smart?” I said, “Of course!” I understand what Ms. Palin thinks, enjoy her speeches, like her demeanor, and agree with many of her opinions. Most of all I think women should support her and her success, but it’s obvious this is not always the case.

For proof of Palin’s lack of wit, the author told me to google ‘O’Reilly Palin Interview,’ which I did later, of course. I think the session in question was the one this past July, when Bill O’Reilly badgered Governor Palin on immigration. The left’s major gripe with Sarah, I’ve discovered, is that she speaks in generalities and says nothing specific. In the O’Reilly interview in question it was true, but Bill’s constant interruptions didn’t help.

This is why I love politics. Many of us see the same thing, and interpret it differently. Many on the left think Sarah Palin is a complete moron for answering in half-sentences, but most politicians provide ambiguous answers, and dodge questions. (Haven’t you noticed?) Joe Biden and other left-wingers produce gaffs by the barrelful, but their mistakes make people laugh, and then they quickly disappear. Remember Hilary Clinton’s tale of dodging bullets during her arrival in Bosnia, but the actual video of the event uncovered nothing of the sort? Yet, no one insults Hillary’s intelligence on a consistent basis for such a major goof.

Does the left just see the former governor through ‘stupid glasses,’ or do they not make any effort to understand what she tries to say? Or, is it both?


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