Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Liberal Friend, You May be a Conservative!

Written : Oct. 11-12, and 19, 2010

Do you believe in individual liberty? Are you in favor of government interference in your life, or do you like to have more choices? In this case, if you side with the people and with choice, you may be a conservative!

Do you dislike “Tax Day?” Do you think that people should not be taxed so much? If so, you may be a conservative!

Are you jealous of rich people, or do you want everyone to succeed, rich and poor alike? If you’re for everyone’s advancement, you may be a conservative!

Do you think America is exceptional, or do you think America’s a bully and should be minimized in the world? If you think America’s a special country, you may be a conservative!

Do you believe that the true definition of the newly coined word, ‘Islamophobia,’ meaning ‘fear of Muslims,’ is best illustrated by an editor’s refusal to publish a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed? If so, you may be a conservative!

I heard someone call into the Mike Gallagher show on Sep. 28, 2010, and call a conservative a name like “moronic.” Gallagher challenged the caller and simply asked him why he would call the person a name. The caller responded that anyone who thought that way is a moron. If you think people should not be categorized in this fashion, you may be a conservative!


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