Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Citizens of the World, Beware!

Written : Jan. 11-12, 2010

Why would anyone want to make their own country weaker? You can take any nation in the world and hold it up as an example. Would a citizen of Saudi Arabia say they have too much oil? Would a Canadian or a Russian claim his or her country has too much territory and should give some away? Would a Chinese person say China is growing too fast? No, of course not!

Yet, many U.S. citizens and home-grown groups oppose America’s strengths. One such group is the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). You can check them out at: IPS

At first glance, IPS appears to have a noble goal. They state, “Ideas into Action for Peace, Justice, and the Environment.” It sounds nice, but if you listen to their personnel speak, you may think there’s more to it than a noble idea. Phyllis Bennis, the director of IPS’ “New Internationalism Project”, appeared on Washington Journal on CSPAN this past Christmas Day. She began by saying America has about 1.1 million troops around the world on about 865 bases. Ms. Bennis clarified the definition of “bases” to be very broad – they can include golf courses and storage facilities! However, unlike most of the world’s people she spoke against her own country’s power and said the cost in dollars is too high, we are wasting resources, and it doesn’t make us safer by being in so many countries. She may have a point about the money; it’s a massive amount. However, she and other U.S. detractors overlook what might happen if we don't maintain a global presence. While others may specialize in fashion, oil, or plastics, one of our specialties is security. You can’t argue against 20th Century history, we’ve kept and still keep the world safe.

What is internationalism, anyway? It sounds like a concerted effort to dissolve or at least dilute the power of all the countries in the world. The stronger and more powerful a country is, the more it has to lose - in theory. We are the top nation on the globe. We would give up the most - and, to whom? What would happen to us if the U.S. went away and was run by a world government? Who would lead us? Who would protect the innocent from global tyrants such as Germany’s Kaiser (WWI), Hitler, Moussolini, Hirohito, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Ghadafi, Saddam Hussein, or Ahmadinejad? And, I’ve only named a few. These thoughts scare me. As an American I don’t like the sound of internationalism very much, do you?


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