Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The American Report Card

Written : Jan. 26, 2010

”It’s not about me!”, President Obama says. All right, then let’s give America his “one year report card”. How did we do after the first quarter of his administration?

The U.S. is seen the way the rest of the world wants us to be seen. We are weak, apologetic, and pathetic. We cower to world leaders instead of being the world leader. I think the president succeeded in what he sought to accomplish, but as a country we should get an “F” for his efforts. We shut out opposition when we try to force bills through the legislature. We ignored the tea party folks, we don’t hear the people’s voices. We know better than anyone, we’ll pass health care legislation, no matter what anyone says. We make back room deals to buy Senators’ votes such as “The Louisiana Purchase” and “The Cornhusker Kickback“; ahem, we get another “F”, we failed.

Our President got a Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing. He failed to get the Olympic games to come to Chicago in 2016. President Obama campaigned for incumbent Governor Corzine of New Jersey, Creigh Deeds in Virginia, and Martha Coakley in Massachusetts and all three lost their races. His administration dismissed the term, “terrorism”, and replaced it with “man-made disaster” and favors reading terrorists their Miranda Rights. The president hinted at prosecuting Bush administration people for using advanced interrogation techniques - information from which saved American lives. He pledged to close Gitmo (fail) within a year (fail), promised to confront special interest groups, predicted unemployment wouldn’t go above 8 percent and that we’d save money, told us he’d televise the health care debate on CSPAN, and said he’d have the most transparent administration - ever. None of those things happened, but he’s right, it’s not about him! We get another “F”.

Why did the health care bill not have any conservative ideas? Not because the Republicans didn’t propose any; they did. They were shut out of the process. That’s an “F” we must receive for the “works well with others” category! Unemployment is at ten percent, fail. We’re bringing Kalid Sheik Mohammed to NYC to try him as a criminal and not an enemy combatant, fail. According to CBS News on Jan. 25, 2010, we sent 21 congressmen to Copenhagen’s Global Warming Summit where they spent $2,200 per day each – just on the hotel! Read all about it, here: CBS Story The entire trip cost America over $1 million! America, you failed again!

All is not lost. President Obama’s just over a quarter of the way through his first term. I admit it, there’s a possibility he’ll make things right. I’ll be listening to the State of the Union speech on Wed., the 27th. I hope he eats some humble pie and becomes more moderate, and turns our out-of-control ship around, but I don’t expect it.

I’m not one sided, I generously give the president one “A” - for “spreading the wealth”, success! - But it’s really an “F” in my book!


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