Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scrap It

Written : Dec. 15, 2009

A couple of hours ago CNN reported the current health care reform bill may be passed without a “public option”. Their web site quoted former Governor Howard Dean’s complaint in an interview with VPR (Vermont Public Radio), "…the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill and go back to the House."

Governor Dean (D-VT) is correct. What’s required is to dump the current bill and rewrite it because only Democrats were involved in drafting it. The Republicans were left out of the original debate and bill-writing process, so how can anyone consider it a bi-partisan bill? Some of my liberal friends refuse to believe Republicans were ignored, but if you listen carefully - and with an open mind - to what Republican Representatives and Senators have all said, they really were.

The right way to consider legislation which lasts and stands the test of time is to invite members of both parties to participate in the process, so a majority will support a bill coming out of the House committee. President Obama even promised a public debate on C-SPAN during his campaign, remember? Do you recall ever hearing about or seeing such an inclusive event? It would have been unprecedented and wonderful, but it never happened. A solid reform bill would have certainly passed by last summer if a valid process were followed in the beginning. A good bill - which we all want by the way - and which takes the best ideas of both sides, still can be.

If the Democrats force this bill through, and it does pass by a slim margin, it will spell a Republican revival in upcoming elections. Hooray for our side, but the country would not have been served. America will be hurt deeply if it passes, and conservatives will be worried. Eventually, when they realize they have been betrayed, the rest of the country will be angered. What I feel we need to learn from this is that when politicians ignore their constituents, everyone loses. The first American revolutionaries had it right when they said, “taxation without representation is tyranny”.


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