Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Real Enemy

Written : Dec. 29, 2009

This week I was planning to write about the Institute for Policy Studies, but instead the world’s security infrastructure broke down and someone came close to blowing up another jet plane. Oh, well!

Yet another young man managed to smuggle explosive components aboard an aircraft on an international flight. This time the individual was able to mix his chemicals together but was unable to make his compound explode. Fortunately, there was “only” a fire. Only two people were burned, the perpetrator and the hero who stopped the plane from burning up and falling out of the sky.

Janet Napolitano, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, gave us the wrong message about the attempted bombing. Reminiscent of Alexander Haig’s idiotic publicity blunder in the ‘80’s, she praised the security system by stating, “it worked”. Riiiiiiight! I understand what she was trying to do. Calm the nation, but we didn’t need calming. It’s the typical political response from someone who’s fairly new to his or her position and doesn’t have confidence. The first thing they do is praise their group, say nothing’s wrong, and maybe mention they’ll fix what’s broken. The last thing they do is blame themselves. She and President Obama both mentioned in their first statements about the incident that the “no-fly” lists for perpetrators of manmade disasters (God forbid we say “terrorists”) had been in place for many years – of course that’s yet another slap at President Bush. How tedious!

Political Correctness (PC) is killing us. On Dec. 28, President Obama referred to the madman as a “suspect” and also said, “ a passenger allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body”. Why “allegedly”? The very next day he toughened his language by calling it, “the attempted terrorist attack”. Good! Perhaps he’s coming around to the realization we can’t ignore the word “terrorist” and we have to address these matters seriously. We must not treat these attacks as criminal matters – we must use the courts of military justice instead. As Yoda might say, “Acts of war, they are!” Typically criminals have rights because they are treated as citizens, even though some of them aren’t. War criminals have few, if any rights, and – for the uneducated - there is a difference.

Political correctness is the real enemy. For example, if none of the terrorists have ever been female Caucasians, Asians, or old people, we could be a little more lenient with those groups, right? That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a terrorist with those characteristics, but we can relax a little with them, no? The goal is to find the terrorist before he can do us harm, the goal is not to be afraid of insulting anyone. Just because all the recent terrorists have been Muslim doesn’t mean every Muslim is a terrorist, but we do have to stop ignoring reality. And, this does not mean we are being racists or “Islamo-phobes, we can be realists!

Another aspect of PC is the irrational fear of magnetometers. They show nearly everything under a person’s clothes, and that’s a good thing with regard to discovering hidden explosives destined for detonation aboard an airplane. The folks who scream about privacy are just “magnetometer-o-phobes”! The heck with privacy, just keep us safe, why don-cha?


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