Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson’s Apology

Written : Sep. 15, 2009

In case you haven’t heard about this yet, Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted “You Lie” during President Obama’s speech to both branches of Congress last week. He was wrong to do so and privately apologized to the president sometime afterward. The apology was graciously accepted. After the apology the president reportedly said, “Now, let’s move on.”

The Democratic Congress was not done, however. After all, Joe Wilson gave the Democrats something to rail against. Therefore, they jumped on the chance to punish Wilson. They did so by censuring him. The measure involves a vote by the governing body for a resolution showing displeasure toward the politician. The House of Representatives voted 240-179, passing it.

You know, there’s video which was shot during President Bush’s speeches to Congress showing the opposition (the Democrats) rudely booing, moaning, and shouting. No video has emerged revealing anyone calling him a liar during the speeches, at least not yet. There’s video of members of Congress stating that President Bush was a liar. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid outwardly showed anger toward him while speaking about his plan to rescue Social Security. Did any of them ever apologize? There was a movie made and people were urged to assassinate President Bush but was anyone called out for it in the mainstream media? No. It was awful, shameful, disgusting, embarrassing, boorish, immature, hateful, etc. - you have to admit it - what the media and many celebrities did to our last president.

However, all of the Democrats’ nastiness doesn’t excuse Joe Wilson. No one should boo or shout down a President of the United States – ever. No citizen should. No representative should. It’s bad behavior, it’s against the rules, and it’s inappropriate. Sure Wilson made a mistake. I disagree with most of Obama’s policies. I support the Tea Parties and the rallies against the current health care bill. But, Rep. Wilson interrupted a president’s speech inside the walls of Congress. He apologized to the president, but didn’t he owe an apology to the Congress as well? It wouldn’t have hurt to apologize to the Congress as well as to President Obama.

At the same time I wonder, would the Democrats have been as fair and as respectful to President Bush and/or a Republican Congress? Somehow, I doubt it. Take a gander at this, an article from the NY Daily News online by Albor Ruiz: Yet another biased, hateful article in the mainstream media


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