Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conservatives OK with Content of Obama Speech to Kids

Written : Sep. 8, 2009

A long time ago a young Democrat who happened to be the President of the United States urged the American people to, “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” It was part of the kind spirit and greatness of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to ask Americans to help America in a unique way.

The other day the current president announced he had an address prepared for the school children of this country. Great. JFK and other presidents did it. However, many parents believed the Obama Administration would make this a partisan speech. Why did they think such a possibility existed? The contents of the lesson plan, which was sent to the schools ahead of time, suggested it. The lesson plan asked the teachers to suggest the children write something (to themselves) describing what they could do to help the president! Help the president? What happened to “help America?” Such an idea to help the president stands in stark contrast to what John F. Kennedy said at his inaugural.

Conservatives are ok with the content of Obama’s speech to the school kids. Really. What ticked off many was the over-zealous lesson plan. Excuse some of us for thinking, but the lesson plan’s objective made many ask, “Help the president? Help him with his agenda? Help him ‘spread the word’ about how great his Congress’ Health Care Reform package could be? Help him by reporting those who don’t agree with him to the special web site he setup for such insanity?” You tell me, could asking the children how they would have helped him have been perceived as a partisan tactic, or not? What if President Bush had done the same thing? In that situation could liberals have guessed he would have been asking them to support his policies?

The icing on the cake was the way Thomas Friedman, author and NY Times correspondent, went nuts over the parents’ and others’ objections over the speech on the Sep. 7, 2009 edition of “Meet the Press”. He repeated over and over in a loud voice and angry demeanor, “It’s flat out stupid!” Of course he was telling us that thinking carefully about the matter is stupid. He and other liberals believe people are against the president because they are against the man himself. My local TV station repeated such an opinion at least twice this morning. Such a take is misguided, as is the racist angle, and the ridiculous argument that conservatives will never support him. We are just astounded how partisan the lesson plan sounded. Remember, our elected officials work for us, and not vice-versa. Asking the children to think about how they might help him is ludicrous. In fact, “It’s flat out stupid!”


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