Monday, February 13, 2012

President Obama’s Report Card #3 – Failure – Red Alert – Danger, Will Robinson…

Written : Feb. 13, 2012

We find President Obama, a good family man, but the one president the media decided not to vet, three years into his presidency. We gave him a hopeful chance, and he promised the most open administration in history, with the least corruption - ever. What did he do so far? First, he allowed others to write his Health Care legislation, and with a majority in both houses, they passed it by the skin of their teeth. One must wonder why he concentrated so hard on Health Care, when so many of us needed jobs instead.

The president and his fellow Democrats made deals in back rooms, most notably the Louisiana Purchase. Sen. Mary Landrieu accepted a handout of at least $100 million in federal dollars to her state in exchange for her yes vote. Don’t forget the Cornhusker Kickback; Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson received a bribe - if he voted for the bill, Nebraska’s share would be covered by the other 49 states – forever – and he accepted it! Others reportedly also received money for their yes votes. Rep. Bart Stupak caved because Democrats crow-barred his resistance to the bill. He voted yes in exchange for a promise that the president would issue a weak executive order stating that the bill would not pay for abortions. Why did the president and the Democrats hold closed-door meetings, and exclude the Republicans from the discussions? So much for more openness and less corruption!

President Obama promised to unite the country; yet, his actions and speeches filled with bitter emotion inflamed many and inspired the violent Occupy Wall Street protests. He riled up the poor and divided us by using class warfare rhetoric, previously reserved for left-wing radicals. He often scolded America in condescending tones. The rich must pay their fair share of federal taxes! But, who is rich, how do politicians know what each family can afford, and what is a fair share? We’ve heard many different definitions for the word rich, set at various and arbitrary income levels, but no one knows for sure what it means. His VP compared soaring levels of patriotism to more money given up to government, and yet many poor don’t pay any federal income tax - and many members of the Obama administration cheated on their returns. (So, what does Vice President Biden’s comment really mean?)

From the promised shovel-ready jobs - which he admitted with a sarcastic laugh weren’t really shovel-ready, to the bungled Fast and Furious gun-runner operation, to his failed stimulus, our president failed to deliver. From the Solyndra Scandal, to the discarded Keystone XL Pipeline jobs, to our weakened military, to the czars he appointed – in order to avoid their approvals by Congress - he presided over the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. From his bowing to Saudi kings, his berating America tour, his support of the wildly radical Islamic Arab Spring, the massive debt he accumulated in just three short years, not to mention our limping economy, he failed to lead. From ignoring the Bowles-Simpson Commission’s recommendations, to the steady, high unemployment numbers, his administration is a complete failure.

Even though he used President Bush’s track record, infrastructure, and tools to get Osama Bin Laden, this president deserves an F- grade – so far. Let’s be fair - he has a year left. But, if we give him another four years on top of that, he’ll become even more radical, because he’ll have nothing to lose. If he wins the next election, he’ll wreck America. Just look at what he’s accomplished so far!

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