Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End Obamacare - Health Care Reform Needed Now More Than Ever

Dec. 6, 2011

The ugly spectre of Obamacare filled me with terror at my local Walmart this week. I know I’m lucky to have a job in President Obama's disastrous economy, and fortunate to have a private health care plan – for now. Under my plan (not Obamacare), my doctor prescribed medication for me and called it in to Walmart’s Pharmacy. The doctor’s office told me to wait about 45 minutes and it would be ready, but busy is my way of life, so I took about an extra half hour or so before calling the pharmacy. You see, I’ve gone to my Walmart before, only to hear that my doctor accidentally called the prescription in to a different Walmart. However, this time my prescription would be ready there in yet another 45 minutes. Relaxed, I took my time to get ready, and headed out in my trusty old truck.

Upon arriving at the pharmacy, I took my place as fourth in line, but waited another 15 minutes to reach the point of service. A clerk opened a new register and he moved me about from place to place before – and after – his computer booted up. My name is an issue for some (it’s only five letters, but is misheard frequently), and paying took longer than expected. I’m not complaining about the Walmart folks – they try their best. However, the rules state that you must be paired with a pharmacist if your prescription is new – even if you have been prescribed the same medication in the past! I have a problem with this rule. I paid and wanted to leave, but I didn’t have the right.

President Clinton (D-AR), a liberal, initiated the HIPPA (Health Information Privacy) rules. Read all about the HIPPA Rules here. The idea is that no one has the right to use your electronic health information without your consent. This is why we must sign a form for treatment by each doctor, and for every prescription. HIPPA sprung from early paranoia over the Internet, but with billions of people online and with modern security measures, does it truly protect us? Is it worth the extra time it takes to sign on the dotted line – every time? I doubt it, and would appreciate a one-time waiver. Out of billions, why would anyone want my information? Why must we consult with a pharmacist if we have taken the very same medication before? I’d like another waiver, please, where do I sign? Uh, sorry, we don’t have that freedom.

Does anyone like filling out forms, more paperwork, more governmental rigidity slowing things down, who wants less efficiency? I know I don’t. Why do many desire regulation, tough control over people, and less personal freedom? What a bureaucracy, but Obamacare, a control-freak’s dream, The Post Office on steroids, promises so much more pain! Just imagine what the 2,400+ page bill (in bill form) will mandate. It will empower government beyond our wildest nightmares. They’ll be able to take funds out of your bank account, and consultations will more about them telling you what they and you cannot do, how nice. Other horrors await us. Think about how long you might wait ten years from now at Walmart if this monstrosity is not repealed. I told the pharmacist how I felt about the silliness of the consultation rule. Of course, all she could do was smile!

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