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Sep. 27, 2011

Before September 16, 2011, I’d never heard the term, Lemon Socialism. Charles Krauthammer educated me that day on Hannity. I naturally thought he said, Lenin, and not Lemon. So, what is it? Lemon Socialism occurs when the government doesn’t allow a failing company, a ‘lemon,’ to fail. Instead, the beaurocrats pick the industry they want to succeed, and invest heavily in associated corporations. I can hear the Obama defenders in unison saying, But the Bush Administration propped the oil companies up. Perhaps, and if true, therein lies another wrong, but do two wrongs make a right? For some, maybe they do. In any case, the oil companies were already successful, and they didn’t fail. The green industry, as Krauthammer said, is a “fantasy.” Their poster child corporation, Solyndra, failed - and over a thousand people were laid off. This, after a $535 million loan guarantee was paid to the Green Goliath - out of the massive $787 billion stimulus program by the Obama Administration. Funny, Obama supporters will overlook the same thing for which they wanted to jail George Bush’s team, and throw away the key. Wasted millions to rich corporations... The only difference is, the Bush Administration didn’t do it.

Tulsa billionaire, George Kaiser, a rich guy, and one of the largest contributors to the Obama campaign in 2008, invested heavily in Solyndra. He made three visits to the White House in Mar., 2009, and after the $535 gift, Solyndra went on a wild spending spree, according to the Washington Post. The company then lobbied for $400 million more, which, fortunately, was not approved. But this story has twists and turns; and legs. Some Democrats said that the Bush Administration, not blamed enough in recent years, supported Solyndra’s application from the beginning. However, the Bush Dept. of Energy voted down a Solyndra loan guarantee in the final days of their administration.

Thinking Solyndra could fill the role of poster child for green jobs, the Obama Administration propped it up. What its success could have done for the environmentalist movement! But this is what their green goop is based on. Hope and change. If only there were an alternative to gasoline. If we only invest trillions of dollars in green energy research, another fuel will be developed. But this is foolishness. Most likely, someone will develop an alternate fuel someday, but this hasn’t happened yet. (Due to such differences in thinking and philosophies, politics is endlessly appealing to me.) As Charles Krauthammer said, “It’s like throwing $billions at jet engines in the 1920’s.” He meant that the idea for the jet engine has been around for centuries - yes, it has, look it up! However, it had to be slowly developed over time before it became useful (in the mid-1940’s).

The left will try to force the future to come to us, but that’s not the way it works. So, when the environmentalists tell you to stop denying science, have them realize: It’s not the denial of science; it’s an acceptance of the math. Tell them to stop propping up the lemons. When the lemonade finally arrives, we’ll all be called to the table for a glass or two!


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