Monday, August 29, 2011

See You in September

Aug. 28-29, 2011

In 1966, The Happenings recorded a most memorable version of the song, "See You in September," written by Sid Wayne and Sherman Edwards in the late 1950’s. As you read the words here: See You in September, or here: See You in September, you can envision President Obama, assuring America on 8/17/11 that he has a shiny, new employment plan... but you’ll need to wait in order to see what’s in it. He promised to reveal the brand new strategy around Labor Day, in September, or so. Why not help this country in August? Why wait? He’s only been president for two and a half years…

He doesn’t lead, but follows Nancy Pelosi’s convoluted logic. She told us the Congress needed to pass the oversized Obamacare bill because that was the best way to know what was in it. So, don’t you wonder how Mr. Obama will bring Dems and Repubs together – by changing his tune next month?

Is the mainstream media speculating it will be a change in direction for the Obama Administration? A bold compromise is coming, perhaps? Will the New York Times columnist and resident genius Thomas Friedman pine for the Democrats of the past, you know, the meek ones, who were so much more flexible than the liberals of today? No, and no. (There’ll be more on Thomas Friedman in upcoming posts.) The MSM is silent in unison on President Obama’s softening because they believe that even more spending and Robin Hood robbin’ the ‘hood is the solution. Whenever he deems it time, President Obama will tell us about another massive stimulus to rebuild roads and bridges, because it’s obvious to the left that this is what’s required for recovery – even though this method failed last time. But why compromise? The millionaires and billionaires will have to be punished because they took risks and profited. More green, energy jobs are required, too, of course (but we won’t be allowed to drill for our abundant supplies of oil). We’ll need to spend even more of our children’s money – which we don’t have. America will fall further into debt, and disrepute. What will the world think of America then? Well, the MSM doesn’t care what the world thinks this time ‘round. The left will not touch entitlements, which are sorely in need of reform. The party of heck, no just won’t change course. Never, not ever.

To paraphrase the song: We’ll see the president in September, when the summer’s through. Summer vacation’s taking the president away. Hope he has a good time at Martha’s Vineyard, but remember, there’s danger for delaying too long. As he plays in a resort, and while the economy withers and his people suffer, we’ll be counting the days, hours, and minutes until he reveals a strategy to fix the economy. We’ll see him in September… maybe. Good luck until then.


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