Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Liberal Thinking

July 5, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what kind of world I live in. I listen to liberal talk radio (The Mario Solis Marich Show, on AM 760 in Denver) and what do I get? I hear a caller saying that we need to allow only one Republican in the Senate and only one Republican in the House of Representatives. Yeah, that’s sensible. The reason? Because the Republicans are all on the same page, she says. They do not think correctly. They do not have enough of a diversity of opinion for her liking. She asks Mario why we are paying their salaries. So, Mario rhetorically asks the lady if she thinks we are paying for these non-essential, governmental employees. They agree. They laugh. This shows how intolerant our liberal friends are. Get rid of the conservatives. Completely! To quote someone I know, “This is crazy talk.”

Liberals are convincing me that Ann Coulter may just have it right. She recently published a book entitled Demonic. It’s subtitled How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. I have not read her book - yet. But I have heard her speak about it. Her theory is that liberals have adopted a mob mentality. One case highlights how conservative women are despised by liberals today. What liberals do, Coulter says, is assume conservative women are stupid. They hear one speak, and reason backwards that what they’ve just said is stupid. For example, Sarah Palin recently said we need to get with the Spirit of 1773. A broadcaster, without thinking – or, rather, thinking that Palin had just said something stupid, corrected her “error” by saying, achem, that it was actually the Spirit of 1776. But, Coulter explains that Palin was speaking to a Tea Party Rally, and was referencing the Boston Tea Party, which occurred in 1773.

I abhor stereotypes and generalities, and I believe that liberals are not looney-tunes, but what are they thinking? Are they thinking at all? Michael Eric Dyson appears on This Week with Christiane Amanpour this past Sunday on ABC to discuss immigration, and what’s his thesis? Every point he makes is aimed toward emotional claims that America is and always has been racist towards people of color. The above-mentioned Mr. Mario Solis Marich, on his own radio show, says that the states of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina have copy-cat “anti-immigration” bills which are similar to Arizona’s controversial SB1070 bill. He says he thought Arizona was the new Alabama, but instead, Alabama is the new Alabama. And he implies these states are “racially oppressive,” like Arizona, because of their new bills. (If you read the Arizona bill yourself, and you should, you will see how tame it is.) Sorry, but what am I missing here?


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