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NASA: Gifts From Space

Feb., Apr., and May 17, 2011

Newspaper reporter Mark Matthews appeared on Washington Journal on 1/29/11, and spoke about NASA (The National Aeronautical and Space Administration). I was surprised he, a reporter for a The Orlando Sentinel, could not think of ONE benefit that came out of the space program! The interviewer didn't even challenge him on his omissions. This is stunning, if you think about it. Everyone who has followed NASA, from Mercury to Gemini to Apollo, will know at least some reward that we now reap due directly to our exploration of the cosmos.

Here's a reduced list of what we've gained from our ventures outside the earth's atmosphere, grouped by categories: For Agriculture: a. Satellite Imagery Crop Management and Resource Planning. b. Weather Satellite Storm Prediction. c. Long-Range Weather Forecasting. d. Climate Change Imagery. For Education and Telecommunication: a. Micro Computing. b. Long Distance Telephone Networks. c. Car Phones. For Science and Technology: a. High-Density Batteries. b. Robot-Guided Wheelchairs. c. Dry-Film Machinery Lubricants. d. Flat-Panel TV's. For Transportation & Infrastructure: a. Advanced Structural Design for Bridges, Buildings, Trains, Shops, Turbines, etc. For Health & Medicine: a. Automatic Insulin Pump. b. Programmable Pacemaker. c. Food Processing Control. For Energy & Natural Resources: a. Water Purification Systems. b. Energy Efficient Air Conditioning. For The Environment & Public Works: a. Environmentally Safe Sewage Treatment.

Even a good reporter must ask if and/or why these items are related to space exploration. Remember, we should question everything! The answer is simple. For flight, everything required miniaturization in order to save fuel costs. According to Wikipedia, as of the year 2000, to lift just one ounce of material into space cost just shy of $1,000! We had to simplify and reduce weight in a drastic way. Our best scientists did these things for the program, but we get a boost from all of them down on earth, too. Each day, these wonders assist all of us, rich and poor alike, to live a better and a more enjoyable and rewarding life.

Why did a reporter for a Florida paper not know any of this? Mark Matthews, at his job for at least eight years, had to either be kidding - or uneducated. If he was kidding, he is a liberal ideologue, foisting the notion upon us that anything which doesn't directly deal with helping or funneling money to the poor must be shut down. I vote for uneducated, but you have to ask, how did the educational system fail him in this regard? How could he not name even a single contribution from NASA?

Every day we should thank NASA, and President John F. Kennedy (D-MA), for what has been accomplished on our behalf. President Kennedy's vision for our future adventures into the heavens was forward-thinking, and bold for his time, but we need to strive for more - much more. I look forward to the next leader of our country who will step forward, and push us deeper into space - and deeper into discovery for all mankind.

Would someone please instruct reporter Mark Matthews to use Google and/or look at: NASA Spinoffs? Mr. Matthews should also see: Kennedy Space Center and NASA Today. The first site reveals dozens of improvements which came from the aerospace industry, most of which are not listed by me, above! From the second, one can learn of what's going on at KSC right now, and the third is NASA's main site. For all you reporters out there, other sites also exist. There's one for each mission, including the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, which reveals astounding photographs. Use google, reporters. It's a terrific learning tool.


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