Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Radical Difference

Feb. 19 and 21, and Mar. 1, 2011

Most of us say we support freedom and democracy all over the world. But, what do you mean when you say it? None of us wants any nation to live under a dictatorship, so free citizens of the world have been moved to ponder how the explosive protests in the Mid-East this past month relate to our way of life.

Some, like Amy Goodman of the TV show, Democracy Now! (broadcast on PBS), think these were popular movements, similar to the American Revolution. The uprisings were perceived by Ms. Goodman as 'power to the people' moments on C-SPAN recently. "It's very important that we support pro-democracy activism everywhere, whether we're talking about Manamah in Bahrain, or whether we're talking about Madison, Wisconsin," she said. I admit I don't know enough about these Middle-Eastern countries to agree or disagree with Ms. Goodman's comparison. We'll have to wait and see if these were workers throwing off the chains of their masters - or if their revolts were inspired by extremists, prepared for even more ruthless dictators to rule.

Are the protesters and their Democratic Party state representatives in Wisconsin supporting democracy, or only their own selfish interests and ideology? How have their actions helped the 'little guy,' when attainment of their goals will bankrupt their state and higher taxes to support state workers will hurt most of the other Wisconsinites? Has the left adopted brutal union tactics in the place of honest debate and a vote? It's important we raise questions and not accept what most of the mainstream media talking heads might say. Amy Goodman said, "...there is nothing that will guarantee our national security more than if we side with freedom; we side with those who believe in democracy - who are trying to throw off the yoke of these despots." Yes, we want all people to be free, but do we want to blindly support reckless revolutions with the chance that ruthless dictators will take over, or do we want a more thoughtful change to take place? I vote for 'thoughtful.'

Amy Goodman spoke of an independent media, one free of government oppression. Good for her! But, what does she mean? Ms. Goodman said, "We need to have [a free press] in the United States - to be able to get different perspectives. It's absolutely critical." I agree, especially when it comes to a true diversity of opinion. Listen for and beware of people who say they are sick and tired of cable news and who imply they want to put an end to it (either FOX and/or MSNBC). Don't shut down anyone's freedom to express their opinions and don't use vulgarities! Instead, argue your point with logic - if you can! But, when Amy Goodman stood up for free speech, was she talking about FOX News? No, she was talking about Al Jazeera English! Do you support the rights of everyone to express their beliefs when you speak about freedom and democracy, or just the rights of a select few? I want you to speak up, even if you disagree with me!


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