Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Health Care Questions

Written : Nov. 23, 2009

Of the new health care legislation, don’t we need to ask more questions? For some examples, please see these: Tell me why the new health care bill spends $800+ billion to save $100 billion? Perhaps I don’t understand, but the new bill doesn’t offer a very good ROI (return on investment), does it? Why are there twelve million uninsured individuals in this country? And, if that number is incorrect, why are there so many more uninsured? Why is the media saying Obama’s (Sen. Harry Reid’s) plan builds on the private insurance system when it really sets up a government-run system which, through lower prices, would naturally overpower the private system we have today? Rather than blindly trusting the politicians this time, why not drill down and ask questions? During the Bush administration most wouldn’t blindly accept what was going on, so why do it now?

First of all, we do need to think about this. I don’t have a good answer on the question of ROI, though: Can someone please let me in on the secret?

There are so many uninsured - partially because we have not improved the immigration system yet. Too many people come here from other countries without going through “the system”. We all know the current system is outdated and inefficient. It takes a very long time for an immigrant to legally become a citizen. Yet, one has to ask this question, too... Why have so many put up with the current antiquated system and have become citizens anyway? Why won’t a single Senator or Congressman put forth a simple plan to update it? Former Alabama Governor, Mike Huckabee has (see it at this URL: http://townhall.com/blog/g/d1703ab4-54ee-4e2b-835f-3f81311d2ee2), so, why not at least examine his ideas?

People are forced to purchase health insurance in their own state. Why not allow people to purchase it anywhere in the U.S.? It’s what “free enterprise” is about, right? People get health insurance through their employers. Shouldn’t there be other ways folks can band together to get lower rates? There are. Many are saying how this can be done. Why are the politicians not listening?

The media is telling us Nevada Senator Reid’s plan builds on the current system because they ignore the citizens who are critical of it. The fact is a public plan will eventually supplant the private system because its rates will be less expensive. We all know how price affects the purchasing habits of Americans. Just look at Walmart. Even though folks may fundamentally disagree with Walmart “taking over” the mom & pop shops in America, who deliberately buys from the more expensive, mom & pop stores and refuses to pay Big W’s lower prices?


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