Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More On Health Care (no pun intended!)

Written : Aug. 25, 2009

Proponents of HR3200 (the health care bill proposal) say that there are “myths” being propagated “out there”, implying that falsehoods are deliberately being spread by the bill’s opponents on the alternative media. They are mischaracterized as “myths”. They are in reality, concerns.

Although I haven’t read the health care bill, and probably never will read it in its entirety, I will concede “Death Panels” and illegal immigrant coverage are not included in the bill. A mandatory requirement that employers be forced into the public plan is probably not directly mentioned either, and I’m sure abortions are not stated as automatically covered in the bill’s language. However, concessions I've made in no way impede my ability to use critical thinking with regard to the bill.

Critical thinking. Something we all must have to make sure we use so we are not oppressed by our government (or others). Something the Democrats were screaming about during all of George W. Bush’s two terms in office. Something I was taught by my wonderful - and radical - parents to protect me against future tyrants who might erode my freedom later in life. So let’s get to it!

The bill begins by talking about “acceptable” requirements for health care. These are: affordable coverage, essential benefits, and consumer protection. Nice ideals. But don’t we have the obligation to ask how those ideals will be paid for? Which programs will legislators cut? We should consider it. Our officials say we will be allowed to retain our “current” health care plan. But what if our employer, looking to cut costs for its own benefit, forces us to a cheaper solution? I’ve seen it happen every single year since I’ve had coverage! And, that’s with a couple of large companies! Such a track record leads me to believe that each employer will choose the cheapest option, and we will eventually not have a choice. As a consequence, we will be left with only the public option and private insurance companies will go out of business. What about all the jobs which will be inevitably lost as a result?

If every employer chooses the cheaper option as I predict, the private companies are done for, right? I know, I know, it doesn’t specifically state such a thing in the bill, but isn’t it the logical conclusion? This is only one point and there are dozens more. We need to watch out for proponents of the bill brushing aside our concerns by stating that our sensible conclusions concerning HR3200 are “not in the bill”. We realize they probably are not in the bill. However, critical thinking tells us about the huge problems which might result from the bill’s passage.

Health care for everyone is a nice idea. But, with the same number of doctors and infrastructure, how will we cover 40+ million more people without sacrificing quality of care? Are we not supposed to ask such questions? Are we home grown terrorists (Timothy McVae types) if we come to the town halls to make our voices heard? So, ok, call me a radical.

I invite you to read the entire bill at: Read H.R.3200 . CSPAN will have a debate (happening now) hosted by Rep. James Moran (D-VA) and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean from Reston, VA shortly. Watch it here: Watch the debate


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