Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(Tea) Party!

Written : Apr. 14, 2009

While listening to what remains of “Air America” (progressive talk) radio in my area this afternoon, I was struck at the vulgar insensitivity bleeding through their station on the subject of the upcoming “Tea Parties”, which are legitimate protests planned for tomorrow, April 15, 2009. Taking on a cavalier attitude, they reminded me of the three bizarre lizards drinking coffee, constantly cracking jokes, and smoking cigarettes in the “Men in Black” break room. Mr. Mario Solis Marich and his crew laugh off the “Tea Parties” as something they just don’t get. They infer these actions of protest are ridiculous from an elitist perch. (They have become their conception of the very Republicans they used to mock.) Their show makes hysterical fun of the idea of ‘parties with tea cups’ and conjures images of Republican men in white suits and women wearing ‘large hats’ rather than discussing the substance of the issue… Stop laughing for a minute and get it, Mario, folks are serious and many are already “fed up”. Most are against the policies of Robin Hood, the redistribution of a worker’s hard earned money. Remember, “Robin” meant “robbing”, and the word ‘hood’ referred to a person who broke the law.

People, and not just the “people on the right”, are already tiring of hearing of and becoming greatly concerned about the huge and steadily mounting deficits caused by “this administration’s” out of control spending. Instead of addressing people’s worries, the defenders of today’s spending of our children’s and grandchildren’s money often accuse President Bush of starting this. They are right, of course. However, the flow is now much faster, much more expensive, and way more out of control than it was during the end of the Bush presidency. The policy makers defend it by saying the gigantic bailouts are “necessary”. Never mind the fact that their own measures taken recently to assess the viabilities of the banks are revealing that the banks didn’t need that many dollars in the first place. Some of the banks are now preparing to return some of the billions!

It’s time for those who stand up for individuality and personal responsibility to step forward, and straighten up, Mr. Marich, this spirit is what America was founded on. In case you have forgotten, one highlight of the American Revolution took place in Boston Harbor in 1773 when people on ships, fed up with large English tariffs, dumped cases of tea overboard into the harbor. No more taxes, at least not in this much abundance. Give individuals a break. To each according to his deeds, not his needs. We simply cannot afford this president’s spending, and it is not good for us. Such staunch defenders of the “power of the people”, “speaking truth to power”, and “the right of the people to protest and criticize their leaders” should not be laughing at a "people's protest" and certainly should understand what’s going on. I hope everyone gets the message, including senators, congressmen, and presidents, and you too, Air America, get with it!

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