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David Gregory, the new host of

“Meet the Press” on NBC

Written : Dec. 16, 2008

Ever since David Gregory dogged President Bush at his news conferences I’d looked forward to the next president getting the same treatment from him "someday"! Unfortunately we’ve been spared in this instance, since Gregory has already been named the ‘permanent’ host of “Meet the Press” which airs weekly every Sunday on NBC. Too bad, someone else will have to get on President Obama’s case. But, Gregory was oh so very good at it with Mr. Bush.

So, I decided to tune in on Sunday, Dec. 14, to catch Gregory’s premier appearance on the weekly news program. The topic was the corrupt Democrat, the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blogojevich (D-IL). (Please notice that when the Governor's name is mentioned in the media, the word “Democrat” is seldom mentioned along with it. That’s because the mainstream media doesn’t want us to associate Nancy Pelosi’s “culture of corruption” with Democrats, whom as we know are never corrupt. Of course, we actually know better.)

Anyway, on his Sunday interview show, Gregory seemed to defend Blogojevich by repeatedly attacking the Attorney General of the state of Illinois, Lisa Madigan, on why she wanted Blogojevich to step down. At times he rather boldly accused her of being politically motivated by the desire of wanting the Governorship for herself! Instead of standing for “the right thing” and being against corruption, Gregory defended Blogojevich by correctly stating that the Governor of Illinois had not yet been proven to have done anything wrong.

While “W” was ripe for the “pickings” for Gregory at most news conferences in the past, Blogojevich obviously required his defense instead. Now, of course I realize that most journalists think they have to rake anyone they interview over the coals, and for David Gregory that included Madigan on Dec. 14. They can’t seem to help it, no matter how tedious it can get for their viewers - and that's a shame. However, I think Gregory could have gone a little easier on the Attorney General, but no, he could not help himself from sloppily leaning to the left.

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mksksdd said...

I'm a nightowl and I don't watch the tube with any regularity. So I've never 'Met the Press'.

I'm a bit late on this comment regarding Governor Blagojevich, but here goes. While I understand the fury that people have from seeing the governor continuing to show up for work everyday and even going so far as to appoint Burris, it is important to note one fact that is still alive and well in the US. Governor Blagojevich is innocent until proven guilty.

Regarding his consistent daily attendance - From my former career as a manager, I know that he needed to show up every day in order to be considered employed. Most private companies consider a no show at work as a resignation - he HAD to go to work. He could not give any excuse whatsoever to be relieved of his duties. It's plausible that the public sector would operate in the same manner.